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chicago rap
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Working Quietly cover art
Working Quietly
24th February 2023 • Single
Be Involved cover art
Be Involved
26th January 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
Lets meet in the afternoon cover art
Lets meet in the afternoon
19th January 2022 • Single
A Quarter P cover art
A Quarter P
5th March 2021 • Single
Right Thing cover art
Right Thing
5th February 2021 • Single
Thankful to Breathe cover art
Thankful to Breathe
8th January 2021 • Single
Point of View cover art
Point of View
30th October 2020 • Single
Hope Against Hope cover art
Hope Against Hope
12th June 2020 • Single
In My Bag cover art
In My Bag
3rd April 2020 • Single
Candle Light cover art
Candle Light
17th January 2020 • Single
Weight Off My Mind cover art
Weight Off My Mind
20th December 2019 • Single
Feel Like Smoke cover art
Feel Like Smoke
6th September 2019 • Single
F.Y.I cover art
21st June 2019 • Single
MYO Freestyle cover art
MYO Freestyle
10th May 2019 • Single
Tangerine Dream II cover art
Tangerine Dream II
22nd February 2019 • Album (12 tracks)
Very Close cover art
Very Close
8th February 2019 • Single
Real Things cover art
Real Things
27th April 2018 • Single
Cool cover art
25th March 2018 • Single
Like MacGyver cover art
Like MacGyver
1st December 2017 • Single
Synthia Part 1: Dial Tone cover art
Synthia Part 1: Dial Tone
21st September 2017 • Album (10 tracks)
Visions cover art
13th August 2017 • Single
Really Don't (Freestyle) cover art
Really Don't (Freestyle)
3rd August 2017 • Single
Hands Clean cover art
Hands Clean
2nd June 2017 • Single
Pressure cover art
25th May 2017 • Single
(B)Link cover art
31st March 2017 • Single
Fly cover art
3rd March 2017 • Single
Village Party III: Stoner Symphony cover art
Village Party III: Stoner Symphony
18th January 2017 • Album (15 tracks)
Still Calling cover art
Still Calling
29th November 2016 • Single
Quicksilver cover art
24th September 2016 • Single
Fuck Em cover art
Fuck Em
23rd September 2016 • Single
Automatic (feat. Mick Jenkins) - Single cover art
Automatic - Single
26th August 2016 • Single
See Me High - Single cover art
See Me High - Single
29th July 2016 • Single
Tangerine Dream cover art
Tangerine Dream
12th June 2016 • Album (10 tracks)
Red Pill - Single cover art
Red Pill - Single
20th May 2016 • Single
Rescue cover art
19th February 2016 • Single
Village Party 2: Heaven's Gate cover art
Village Party 2: Heaven's Gate
20th November 2015 • Album (12 tracks)
Navigator Truck (feat. Calez & Chance The Rapper) - Single cover art
Navigator Truck - Single
13th November 2015 • Single
Japanese Carmix cover art
Japanese Carmix
18th August 2015 • Single
Feast (Stove Freestyle) cover art
Feast (Stove Freestyle)
16th June 2015 • Single
*one Singular Flame Emoji Ep* cover art
*one Singular Flame Emoji Ep*
31st March 2015 • Album (12 tracks)
Right Right cover art
Right Right
25th February 2015 • Single
Ready cover art
18th February 2015 • Single
Booty Club (Going Dumb Again) cover art
Booty Club (Going Dumb Again)
16th January 2015 • Single
Lil Stoner Boi cover art
Lil Stoner Boi
16th January 2015 • Single
Top of the World cover art
Top of the World
9th December 2014 • Single
Takeoff cover art
13th October 2014 • Single
Sexual Dolphin cover art
Sexual Dolphin
24th September 2014 • Single
Splash Game cover art
Splash Game
11th August 2014 • Single
Village Party cover art
Village Party
2nd October 2023 • Album (14 tracks)
Club Wiley cover art
Club Wiley
4th June 2013 • Album (12 tracks)