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Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor who has become one of the most influential and successful artists in the music industry. He first gained recognition as an actor in the television series "Degrassi: The Next Generation" before transitioning to music and releasing his debut mixtape "Room for Improvement" in 2006.

Drake's music is primarily characterized by a blend of hip-hop and R&B, often incorporating melodic hooks and introspective lyrics. He has been praised for his unique, emotive vocal style and his ability to seamlessly switch between rapping and singing. His subject matter frequently explores themes such as relationships, personal struggles, fame, and self-reflection.

Throughout his career, Drake has released multiple chart-topping albums and singles, including hits like "Best I Ever Had," "Take Care," "Hotline Bling," "One Dance," and "God's Plan." He has collaborated with numerous high-profile artists and has been a driving force behind the popularization of the "Toronto sound" – a moody, atmospheric style of hip-hop and R&B.

Drake's immense success has garnered him several awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and BET Awards. His impact on the music industry and popular culture has solidified him as a global icon and one of the defining artists of the 2010s and beyond.
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Slime You Out cover art
Slime You Out
15th September 2023 • Single
MELTDOWN (feat. Drake) cover art
27th July 2023 • Single
On The Radar Freestyle cover art
On The Radar Freestyle
26th July 2023 • Single
MELTDOWN (feat. Drake) [Instrumental] cover art
MELTDOWN [Instrumental]
25th July 2023 • Single
Who Told You (feat. Drake) cover art
Who Told You
8th June 2023 • Single
Search & Rescue cover art
Search & Rescue
7th April 2023 • Single
We Caa Done (feat. Drake) cover art
We Caa Done
6th January 2023 • Single
Her Loss cover art
Her Loss
4th November 2022 • Album (16 tracks)
STAYING ALIVE (feat. Drake & Lil Baby) cover art
5th August 2022 • Single
Honestly, Nevermind cover art
Honestly, Nevermind
17th June 2022 • Album (14 tracks)
Certified Lover Boy cover art
Certified Lover Boy
3rd September 2021 • Album (21 tracks)
Over The Top (feat. Drake) cover art
Over The Top
23rd July 2021 • Single
Seeing Green cover art
Seeing Green
14th May 2021 • Single
Scary Hours 2 cover art
Scary Hours 2
5th March 2021 • Album (3 tracks)
B.B. King Freestyle cover art
B.B. King Freestyle
30th November 2020 • Single
You’re Mines Still (feat. Drake) cover art
You’re Mines Still
15th October 2020 • Single
Laugh Now Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk) cover art
Laugh Now Cry Later
14th August 2020 • Single
TWIST & TURN (feat. Drake & PARTYNEXTDOOR) cover art
6th August 2020 • Single
Only You Freestyle cover art
Only You Freestyle
20th July 2020 • Single
POPSTAR (feat. Drake) cover art
17th July 2020 • Single
GREECE (feat. Drake) cover art
16th July 2020 • Single
Dark Lane Demo Tapes cover art
Dark Lane Demo Tapes
1st May 2020 • Album (14 tracks)
Toosie Slide cover art
Toosie Slide
3rd April 2020 • Single
LOYAL (feat. Drake and Bad Bunny) [Remix] cover art
LOYAL [Remix]
7th February 2020 • Single
Life Is Good (feat. Drake) cover art
Life Is Good
10th January 2020 • Single
LOYAL (feat. Drake) cover art
22nd November 2019 • Single
Ela É do Tipo (feat. Drake) [Remix] cover art
Ela É do Tipo [Remix]
6th November 2019 • Single
Behind Barz (Bonus) cover art
Behind Barz (Bonus)
13th September 2019 • Single
Care Package cover art
Care Package
2nd August 2019 • Album (17 tracks)
The Best In The World Pack cover art
The Best In The World Pack
15th June 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
MIA (feat. Drake) cover art
11th October 2018 • Single
Scorpion cover art
29th June 2018 • Album (25 tracks)
Look Alive (feat. Drake) cover art
Look Alive
9th February 2018 • Single
Diplomatic Immunity cover art
Diplomatic Immunity
20th January 2018 • Single
Signs cover art
23rd June 2017 • Single
More Life cover art
More Life
18th March 2017 • Album (22 tracks)
No Frauds cover art
No Frauds
10th March 2017 • Single
Wanna Know Remix (feat. Drake) cover art
Wanna Know Remix
28th October 2016 • Single
Two Birds, One Stone cover art
Two Birds, One Stone
28th October 2016 • Single
Sneakin’ cover art
24th October 2016 • Single
Views cover art
6th May 2016 • Album (20 tracks)
Pop Style cover art
Pop Style
4th April 2016 • Single
Come and See Me (feat. Drake) cover art
Come and See Me
23rd March 2016 • Single
What A Time To Be Alive cover art
What A Time To Be Alive
20th September 2015 • Album (11 tracks)
If You're Reading This It's Too Late cover art
If You're Reading This It's Too Late
12th February 2015 • Album (17 tracks)
Nothing Was The Same cover art
Nothing Was The Same
1st January 2013 • Album (13 tracks)
Nothing Was The Same (Deluxe) cover art
Nothing Was The Same (Deluxe)
1st January 2013 • Album (16 tracks)
Take Care (Deluxe) cover art
Take Care (Deluxe)
15th November 2011 • Album (19 tracks)
Thank Me Later (Int'l Version) cover art
Thank Me Later (Int'l Version)
1st January 2010 • Album (15 tracks)
So Far Gone cover art
So Far Gone
5th October 2023 • Album (18 tracks)