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Fuad Al-Qrize
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Time Back cover art
Time Back
11th June 2022 • Single
Feeling Good cover art
Feeling Good
24th November 2021 • Single
Split cover art
2nd November 2021 • Single
End Of The Day cover art
End Of The Day
24th October 2021 • Single
One Drop cover art
One Drop
16th October 2021 • Single
Lean on me cover art
Lean on me
9th October 2021 • Single
Ok 1 Now cover art
Ok 1 Now
4th October 2021 • Single
Tunnel Vision cover art
Tunnel Vision
1st October 2021 • Single
Sun Star cover art
Sun Star
22nd September 2021 • Single
Trip This cover art
Trip This
22nd September 2021 • Single
All I want cover art
All I want
22nd September 2021 • Single
Good Wins cover art
Good Wins
22nd September 2021 • Single
I'm Alive cover art
I'm Alive
22nd September 2021 • Single
Dark Light cover art
Dark Light
21st September 2021 • Single
9 To Life cover art
9 To Life
21st September 2021 • Single
Goodbye cover art
19th September 2021 • Single
The Only One cover art
The Only One
12th September 2021 • Single
Stronger Now cover art
Stronger Now
31st August 2021 • Single
Moment for love cover art
Moment for love
26th August 2021 • Single
Hafalat Yamania (Ya Shawqani Shawq) cover art
Hafalat Yamania (Ya Shawqani Shawq)
22nd August 2021 • Single
Hafalat Yamania (Qalbi Yhib Alhawa'a) cover art
Hafalat Yamania (Qalbi Yhib Alhawa'a)
22nd August 2021 • Single
Hafalat Yamania (Alhashimi Qal) cover art
Hafalat Yamania (Alhashimi Qal)
22nd August 2021 • Single
Best man cover art
Best man
16th August 2021 • Single
Al-Qrize Family Weddings cover art
Al-Qrize Family Weddings
4th August 2021 • Album (13 tracks)
Secrets cover art
4th August 2021 • Single
Spark cover art
24th July 2021 • Single
Fun day cover art
Fun day
15th July 2021 • Single
Cyberlife cover art
11th July 2021 • Single
Mistakes Happens cover art
Mistakes Happens
7th July 2021 • Single
Long Way cover art
Long Way
4th July 2021 • Single
Short dream cover art
Short dream
1st July 2021 • Single
Heart whispers cover art
Heart whispers
25th June 2021 • Single
Al-Qrize (Refreshing) cover art
Al-Qrize (Refreshing)
23rd June 2021 • Single
Losing you cover art
Losing you
16th June 2021 • Single
Asking forgiveness cover art
Asking forgiveness
14th June 2021 • Single
Are you going cover art
Are you going
10th June 2021 • Single
Al-Qrize (We were there) cover art
Al-Qrize (We were there)
9th June 2021 • Single
Al-Qrize (Different man) cover art
Al-Qrize (Different man)
9th June 2021 • Single
Al-Qrize (My old friend) cover art
Al-Qrize (My old friend)
9th June 2021 • Single
Al-Qrize (For you) cover art
Al-Qrize (For you)
9th June 2021 • Single
Blue mask cover art
Blue mask
4th June 2021 • Album (4 tracks)
Sometimes cover art
2nd June 2021 • Album (4 tracks)
Fuad Mixture cover art
Fuad Mixture
28th May 2021 • Album (3 tracks)
Morning with you cover art
Morning with you
26th May 2021 • Album (4 tracks)
No hope cover art
No hope
23rd May 2021 • Album (4 tracks)
ZAFA cover art
22nd May 2021 • Single
Qali Wa Habibi cover art
Qali Wa Habibi
21st May 2021 • Single
Taqsim cover art
21st May 2021 • Single
Ansatna Ya Eyd (Music) cover art
Ansatna Ya Eyd (Music)
21st May 2021 • Single
إب بوابة المجد (اوبريت المهرجان السياحي التاسع محافظة إب النسخه الاصليه) cover art
إب بوابة المجد (اوبريت...
23rd March 2021 • Album (6 tracks)