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gianni & kyle

indie pop rap
195,901 followers // 46% popularity
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back around cover art
back around
12th April 2024 • Single
stfu cover art
22nd March 2024 • Single
123 cover art
1st March 2024 • Single
if i can't have you cover art
if i can't have you
9th February 2024 • Single
complicated cover art
19th January 2024 • Single
icy cover art
17th November 2023 • Single
2 face cover art
2 face
6th October 2023 • Single
ask for much cover art
ask for much
8th September 2023 • Single
PDA cover art
14th July 2023 • Single
strings attached cover art
strings attached
9th June 2023 • Single
HELL INN cover art
24th March 2023 • Single
the day that u left me cover art
the day that u left me
10th March 2023 • Single
lame ass cover art
lame ass
9th December 2022 • Single
My Band cover art
My Band
15th July 2022 • Single
Daygo (w/ gianni & kyle) cover art
Daygo (w/ gianni & kyle)
23rd March 2022 • Single
Real Friends cover art
Real Friends
29th March 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
wdym cover art
26th June 2020 • Single
A Romantic Comedy cover art
A Romantic Comedy
5th December 2019 • Album (15 tracks)
do u even miss me at all? cover art
do u even miss me at all?
4th October 2019 • Single
Say It Back cover art
Say It Back
4th September 2019 • Album (7 tracks)
Dangerous cover art
30th August 2019 • Single
No Games cover art
No Games
21st August 2019 • Single
Whatever USA cover art
Whatever USA
16th August 2019 • Album (9 tracks)
senorita cover art
30th July 2019 • Single
I Am… cover art
I Am…
12th July 2019 • Album (11 tracks)
Maliboo cover art
20th June 2019 • Single
Top Ten cover art
Top Ten
1st June 2019 • Single
How U Get cover art
How U Get
22nd May 2019 • Single
Close cover art
24th January 2019 • Single
she's no angel cover art
she's no angel
1st November 2018 • Album (8 tracks)
5 shots cover art
5 shots
21st June 2018 • Single
used to it cover art
used to it
21st March 2018 • Single
Better on Paper cover art
Better on Paper
8th January 2018 • Single
hit my line (feat. June 3rd) cover art
hit my line
18th December 2017 • Single
independent cover art
8th November 2017 • Single
Pop A Pill cover art
Pop A Pill
18th October 2017 • Single
wave cover art
4th September 2017 • Single
Jealous cover art
13th June 2017 • Single
backstreet boy meets world cover art
backstreet boy meets world
21st February 2017 • Album (6 tracks)
Lax cover art
6th February 2017 • Single
Foreign cover art
17th January 2017 • Single
we ain't cover art
we ain't
17th November 2016 • Single
all eyes on you cover art
all eyes on you
25th October 2016 • Single
fuckboi cover art
14th October 2016 • Single
tension cover art
8th September 2016 • Single