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canadian hip hop, canadian trap & underground hip hop
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Pz Don't Trip cover art
Pz Don't Trip
12th July 2023 • Single
Dust On Roads (with Jazz Cartier) cover art
Dust On Roads
28th April 2023 • Single
+4416 cover art
29th March 2023 • Single
KARMA (With Jazz Cartier) cover art
KARMA (With Jazz Cartier)
11th November 2022 • Single
Jackpot (feat. Jazz Cartier) cover art
30th September 2022 • Single
OUTSIDE cover art
29th April 2022 • Single
The Fleur Print (Vol. 2) cover art
The Fleur Print (Vol. 2)
25th February 2022 • Album (15 tracks)
The Fleur Print cover art
The Fleur Print
10th September 2021 • Album (10 tracks)
Rock the Boat cover art
Rock the Boat
20th August 2021 • Single
Woah cover art
16th August 2021 • Single
B.I.G. cover art
13th August 2021 • Single
Two of 'Em cover art
Two of 'Em
26th May 2021 • Single
Nothin 2 Me cover art
Nothin 2 Me
12th March 2021 • Single
Basement cover art
20th November 2020 • Single
Disclosure cover art
16th October 2020 • Single
Itchin' for a Lick cover art
Itchin' for a Lick
13th March 2020 • Single
Crazy World cover art
Crazy World
15th November 2019 • Single
Touring cover art
1st March 2019 • Single
Fleurever cover art
27th July 2018 • Album (16 tracks)
Fleurever (Deluxe) cover art
Fleurever (Deluxe)
27th July 2018 • Album (20 tracks)
Which One cover art
Which One
22nd June 2018 • Single
GODFLOWER cover art
18th May 2018 • Single
Right Now cover art
Right Now
6th April 2018 • Single
How Did I Get This Deep? cover art
How Did I Get This Deep?
17th November 2017 • Single
Nobody's Watching cover art
Nobody's Watching
16th August 2017 • Single
Tempted cover art
3rd January 2017 • Single
PREE cover art
9th December 2016 • Single
Just In Case cover art
Just In Case
16th September 2016 • Single
Waste cover art
18th August 2016 • Single
Ring cover art
4th April 2016 • Single
Hotel Paranoia cover art
Hotel Paranoia
3rd February 2016 • Album (15 tracks)
Dead Or Alive cover art
Dead Or Alive
18th September 2015 • Single
Always Up To Something cover art
Always Up To Something
26th May 2015 • Single
New Religion cover art
New Religion
28th April 2015 • Single
Marauding in Paradise cover art
Marauding in Paradise
15th April 2015 • Album (14 tracks)
Her Daddy Don't Like Me (feat. Jb & Scotch Butta) cover art
Her Daddy Don't Like Me
5th March 2010 • Single