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sad rap
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Gy cover art
25th March 2024 • Single
Better Days cover art
Better Days
15th March 2024 • Single
Underwater cover art
2nd February 2024 • Single
Upside Down cover art
Upside Down
17th November 2023 • Single
Where The Angels Are cover art
Where The Angels Are
15th September 2023 • Single
i don't care cover art
i don't care
4th August 2023 • Single
Let Me Fall cover art
Let Me Fall
14th July 2023 • Single
RIP cover art
26th May 2023 • Single
In My Head cover art
In My Head
24th March 2023 • Single
IN LUV cover art
3rd March 2023 • Single
Shades Of Blue cover art
Shades Of Blue
10th February 2023 • Single
Detox cover art
20th January 2023 • Single
Don't Wanna Die cover art
Don't Wanna Die
16th December 2022 • Single
Don't Worry cover art
Don't Worry
30th November 2022 • Single
Pain Pain Go Away cover art
Pain Pain Go Away
11th November 2022 • Single
tell myself i'm alright cover art
tell myself i'm alright
4th November 2022 • Single
Hey Up There cover art
Hey Up There
21st October 2022 • Single
Tic Tac Toe cover art
Tic Tac Toe
26th August 2022 • Single
Say Goodbye cover art
Say Goodbye
29th July 2022 • Single
Empty cover art
8th July 2022 • Single
Tired Eyes cover art
Tired Eyes
17th June 2022 • Single
123 cover art
27th May 2022 • Single
XOXO cover art
29th April 2022 • Single
Where You Went Wrong cover art
Where You Went Wrong
8th April 2022 • Single
Take It All cover art
Take It All
11th March 2022 • Single
Jokes On U cover art
Jokes On U
18th February 2022 • Single
Questions cover art
1st September 2021 • Single
I Know You're Broken cover art
I Know You're Broken
15th July 2021 • Album (4 tracks)
Ripping Out The Pages cover art
Ripping Out The Pages
28th June 2021 • Single
Over It cover art
Over It
17th June 2021 • Album (12 tracks)
BENTAYGA cover art
25th May 2021 • Single
I Don't Wanna Lose You cover art
I Don't Wanna Lose You
30th April 2021 • Single
Float cover art
22nd April 2021 • Single
Losing Hope cover art
Losing Hope
7th April 2021 • Single
Bad Ideas cover art
Bad Ideas
19th February 2021 • Single
i really hate u cover art
i really hate u
20th January 2021 • Single
Why Can't You Just Lie cover art
Why Can't You Just Lie
7th December 2020 • Single
What You've Done cover art
What You've Done
19th November 2020 • Single
Crushed cover art
5th October 2020 • Single