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nz children's music, preschool children's music & waiata mo tamariki
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Uncertainty cover art
20th October 2021 • Single
Paper Planes cover art
Paper Planes
13th October 2021 • Single
Today I Am the Sun cover art
Today I Am the Sun
6th October 2021 • Single
Bye Bye Worries cover art
Bye Bye Worries
29th September 2021 • Single
Ko Tātou Tātou Nei (We Are All One) cover art
Ko Tātou Tātou Nei (We Are All One)
22nd September 2021 • Single
Pear Pickin' cover art
Pear Pickin'
15th September 2021 • Single
I Want to Scream cover art
I Want to Scream
8th September 2021 • Single
Do It Yourself D.I.Y cover art
Do It Yourself D.I.Y
1st September 2021 • Single
So Quiet cover art
So Quiet
25th August 2021 • Single
Kākāpō cover art
18th August 2021 • Single
A Little Song cover art
A Little Song
11th August 2021 • Single
I Take My Lunch to School cover art
I Take My Lunch to School
4th August 2021 • Single
Sisters & Brothers cover art
Sisters & Brothers
28th July 2021 • Single
In Winter cover art
In Winter
21st July 2021 • Single
Follow Your Heart cover art
Follow Your Heart
1st March 2021 • Single
Full Moon cover art
Full Moon
30th December 2020 • Single
I Love Life cover art
I Love Life
1st December 2019 • Single
The Kindness Song cover art
The Kindness Song
18th November 2019 • Single
Making My Way cover art
Making My Way
1st January 2019 • Single
Give Love at Christmas cover art
Give Love at Christmas
30th November 2018 • Single
No More Plastic Bags! cover art
No More Plastic Bags!
20th August 2018 • Single
Sprinkle a Little Sunshine cover art
Sprinkle a Little Sunshine
23rd March 2018 • Single
Save It Up cover art
Save It Up
15th February 2018 • Single
What's a Bug? cover art
What's a Bug?
14th February 2018 • Single
Dragons Under My Bed cover art
Dragons Under My Bed
31st March 2017 • Single
Supersonic Boogie Bottom cover art
Supersonic Boogie Bottom
15th December 2016 • Single
You Can Be You cover art
You Can Be You
24th November 2016 • Single
Happy Times & Heartaches cover art
Happy Times & Heartaches
30th July 2016 • Single
What If I Don't Love You Anymore? cover art
What If I Don't Love You Anymore?
30th July 2016 • Single
Boxful of Anything cover art
Boxful of Anything
29th July 2016 • Single
Welcome to New Zealand cover art
Welcome to New Zealand
30th May 2016 • Single
Shake, Shake, Shake cover art
Shake, Shake, Shake
9th June 2015 • Single
Now Stop cover art
Now Stop
9th June 2015 • Single
I've Got Fragile X cover art
I've Got Fragile X
7th November 2014 • Single
Just Chillin' cover art
Just Chillin'
13th December 2013 • Album (11 tracks)
L.O.V.E, Love cover art
L.O.V.E, Love
31st October 2013 • Single
Allsorts cover art
4th October 2011 • Album (11 tracks)
Jump Up cover art
Jump Up
9th December 2010 • Album (9 tracks)
I've Got a Dinosaur in My Back Yard! cover art
I've Got a Dinosaur in My Back Yard!
8th January 2008 • Album (14 tracks)
Dragons Under My Bed cover art
Dragons Under My Bed
4th April 2006 • Album (7 tracks)