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King Lil G
chicano rap, west coast rap
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Gangsta Funktion cover art
Gangsta Funktion
5th May 2023 • Single
With My Homies cover art
With My Homies
24th January 2023 • Single
All We Wanna Do cover art
All We Wanna Do
2nd January 2023 • Single
Win Or Lose cover art
Win Or Lose
17th October 2022 • Single
Win Or Lose cover art
Win Or Lose
13th October 2022 • Single
Blue Rag cover art
Blue Rag
29th July 2022 • Single
Killa Cali cover art
Killa Cali
19th November 2021 • Single
Corona de Oro cover art
Corona de Oro
22nd October 2021 • Single
Bow Down cover art
Bow Down
17th September 2021 • Single
Gangsta Movie cover art
Gangsta Movie
13th August 2021 • Album (10 tracks)
Toda La Clika cover art
Toda La Clika
6th August 2021 • Single
Aqui Se Mueren cover art
Aqui Se Mueren
16th July 2021 • Single
Rich $outh Sider cover art
Rich $outh Sider
11th June 2021 • Single
Mexican Trap cover art
Mexican Trap
7th May 2021 • Single
90's Kid, Vol. 2 cover art
90's Kid, Vol. 2
11th December 2020 • Album (10 tracks)
BLVD cover art
5th December 2020 • Single
Hollowtips cover art
27th November 2020 • Single
Unemployed cover art
13th November 2020 • Single
Kobe Bryant Legacy cover art
Kobe Bryant Legacy
31st January 2020 • Single
Posing cover art
24th January 2020 • Single
Donde Están cover art
Donde Están
1st November 2019 • Single
On the Westside cover art
On the Westside
2nd August 2019 • Single
Eternal cover art
26th July 2019 • Album (10 tracks)
Been On (feat. Devour) cover art
Been On
25th July 2019 • Single
Henny & Kush cover art
Henny & Kush
18th July 2019 • Single
47 Deep cover art
47 Deep
11th July 2019 • Single
No Face No Ca$e cover art
No Face No Ca$e
28th June 2019 • Single
Here to Stay cover art
Here to Stay
5th November 2018 • Single
Keep My Name Out (feat. Rittz) cover art
Keep My Name Out
23rd October 2018 • Single
Under the Influence cover art
Under the Influence
22nd October 2018 • Single
Doing My Thing cover art
Doing My Thing
1st October 2018 • Single
Blessed By God cover art
Blessed By God
19th June 2018 • Album (12 tracks)
Paint the City Blue cover art
Paint the City Blue
9th March 2018 • Album (11 tracks)
The Code cover art
The Code
8th December 2017 • Single
Here to Stay cover art
Here to Stay
30th October 2017 • Single
Lost in Smoke 2 cover art
Lost in Smoke 2
20th April 2016 • Album (15 tracks)
Cold Christmas cover art
Cold Christmas
25th March 2016 • Single
90's Kid cover art
90's Kid
10th March 2015 • Album (14 tracks)
Grow Up cover art
Grow Up
6th January 2015 • Single
AK47 Boyz cover art
AK47 Boyz
27th May 2014 • Album (13 tracks)
Lost in Smoke cover art
Lost in Smoke
3rd September 2013 • Album (12 tracks)
King Enemy cover art
King Enemy
5th May 2012 • Album (17 tracks)