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Marshmello is an enigmatic electronic music producer and DJ known for his distinctive headgear resembling a marshmallow and his ability to keep his true identity concealed from the public eye for years. Bursting onto the EDM scene with vibrant, catchy tunes like "Alone" and "Happier," he's masterfully blended various genres, from trap to pop, securing collaborations with an array of top-tier artists across different musical landscapes. Beyond his infectious beats, Marshmello's branding, characterized by a simple white helmet with X-marked eyes, has become a symbol in the dance music realm. His universal appeal transcends his music, as he's ventured into gaming, notably with a groundbreaking virtual concert in the game Fortnite, further cementing his status as a multifaceted cultural influencer.
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Water cover art
15th November 2023 • Single
Sugar Papi cover art
Sugar Papi
3rd November 2023 • Album (11 tracks)
Sou Musa do Verão cover art
Sou Musa do Verão
1st November 2023 • Single
Super High cover art
Super High
1st November 2023 • Single
Tusi cover art
1st November 2023 • Single
Say Woah! cover art
Say Woah!
1st November 2023 • Single
Dónde Están Que No Los Veo cover art
Dónde Están Que No Los Veo
1st November 2023 • Single
Alcohol cover art
1st November 2023 • Single
Dreaming cover art
20th October 2023 • Single
Other Boys (Chapter & Verse Remix) cover art
Other Boys (Chapter & Verse Remix)
13th October 2023 • Single
Other Boys (Guz Remix) cover art
Other Boys (Guz Remix)
13th October 2023 • Single
Other Boys (San Pacho Remix) cover art
Other Boys (San Pacho Remix)
13th October 2023 • Single
Other Boys cover art
Other Boys
8th September 2023 • Single
Tempo cover art
17th August 2023 • Single
GBG (feat. Marshmello) cover art
11th August 2023 • Single
Esta Vida (VINNE Remix) cover art
Esta Vida (VINNE Remix)
28th July 2023 • Single
Esta Vida (Jess Bays Remix) cover art
Esta Vida (Jess Bays Remix)
14th July 2023 • Single
Como Yo :( cover art
Como Yo :(
22nd June 2023 • Single
Mellokillaz cover art
16th June 2023 • Album (6 tracks)
Esta Vida (Deorro Remix) cover art
Esta Vida (Deorro Remix)
9th June 2023 • Single
Solteiro Sou um Perigo cover art
Solteiro Sou um Perigo
2nd June 2023 • Single
El Merengue (ESSEL Remix) cover art
El Merengue (ESSEL Remix)
30th May 2023 • Single
El Merengue (HUGEL Remix) cover art
El Merengue (HUGEL Remix)
19th May 2023 • Single
Fell In Love cover art
Fell In Love
5th May 2023 • Single
Esta Vida cover art
Esta Vida
13th April 2023 • Single
Grown Man cover art
Grown Man
31st March 2023 • Single
El Merengue cover art
El Merengue
3rd March 2023 • Single
Old School cover art
Old School
24th February 2023 • Single
Again cover art
17th February 2023 • Single
Eternal cover art
10th February 2023 • Single
Unity cover art
3rd February 2023 • Single
Party Jumpin' cover art
Party Jumpin'
13th January 2023 • Single
Bye Bye cover art
Bye Bye
14th October 2022 • Single
Numb (Remixes) cover art
Numb (Remixes)
26th August 2022 • Album (4 tracks)
Numb (Alok Remix) cover art
Numb (Alok Remix)
12th August 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
American Psycho (with Mae Muller feat. Trippie Redd) cover art
American Psycho
29th July 2022 • Single
Watch Your Man (feat. Marshmello) cover art
Watch Your Man
21st July 2022 • Single
Happier (Slowed + Reverb) cover art
Happier (Slowed + Reverb)
18th July 2022 • Album (3 tracks)
Sah Sah cover art
Sah Sah
8th July 2022 • Single
Numb cover art
10th June 2022 • Single
Numb (KC Lights Remix) cover art
Numb (KC Lights Remix)
7th June 2022 • Single
ESTILAZO cover art
29th April 2022 • Single
Before U cover art
Before U
10th March 2022 • Single
Preached cover art
29th October 2021 • Single
Chasing Stars (Stripped) cover art
Chasing Stars (Stripped)
22nd October 2021 • Album (3 tracks)
Chasing Stars (VIP Mix) cover art
Chasing Stars (VIP Mix)
1st October 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Shockwave cover art
11th June 2021 • Album (12 tracks)
Joytime III cover art
Joytime III
3rd July 2019 • Album (13 tracks)
Joytime II cover art
Joytime II
22nd June 2018 • Album (9 tracks)
Joytime cover art
8th January 2016 • Album (10 tracks)