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Matisse & Sadko
edm, electro house & pop dance
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Me Without Us (with Justin Jesso) cover art
Me Without Us
5th August 2022 • Single
Feeling cover art
3rd June 2022 • Single
Good Morning cover art
Good Morning
12th April 2022 • Single
Won't Let You Go (Remix Contest Winners) cover art
Won't Let You Go (Remix Contest Winners)
10th March 2022 • Album (5 tracks)
Into The Fire cover art
Into The Fire
21st January 2022 • Single
Won’t Let You Go cover art
Won’t Let You Go
10th December 2021 • Single
Relight My Love cover art
Relight My Love
29th October 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
I Told You cover art
I Told You
17th September 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
All We Got cover art
All We Got
20th August 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Heal Me (Remixes) cover art
Heal Me (Remixes)
6th August 2021 • Album (3 tracks)
Dawn cover art
9th July 2021 • Single
OK (feat. Lovespeake) cover art
11th June 2021 • Single
Heal Me cover art
Heal Me
30th April 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Meant To Be (Instrumental Mix) cover art
Meant To Be (Instrumental Mix)
12th February 2021 • Single
Meant To Be cover art
Meant To Be
12th February 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Sweet Life cover art
Sweet Life
2nd October 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Now or Never cover art
Now or Never
10th July 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Strings Again cover art
Strings Again
20th March 2020 • Single
Strings Again (Extended Mix) cover art
Strings Again (Extended Mix)
20th March 2020 • Single
Best Thing cover art
Best Thing
14th February 2020 • Single
Hold On (feat. Michel Zitron) cover art
Hold On
27th December 2019 • Single
Fade Away cover art
Fade Away
1st November 2019 • Single
Fade Away (Extended Mix) cover art
Fade Away (Extended Mix)
1st November 2019 • Single
Doberman cover art
13th September 2019 • Single
Another Side (Extended Mix) cover art
Another Side (Extended Mix)
19th April 2019 • Single
Another Side cover art
Another Side
19th April 2019 • Single
Mistaken (feat. Alex Aris) cover art
31st March 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
Don't Tell Me cover art
Don't Tell Me
18th January 2019 • Single
Don't Tell Me (Extended Mix) cover art
Don't Tell Me (Extended Mix)
18th January 2019 • Single
Melodicca cover art
28th December 2018 • Single
Takeoff cover art
7th September 2018 • Single
Saga (Extended Mix) cover art
Saga (Extended Mix)
17th August 2018 • Single
Saga cover art
17th August 2018 • Single
Light Me Up cover art
Light Me Up
3rd August 2018 • Album (2 tracks)
Mystery (Magnificence Remix) cover art
Mystery (Magnificence Remix)
27th July 2018 • Single
Mystery cover art
15th June 2018 • Single
Built For Us cover art
Built For Us
1st June 2018 • Single
Grizzly cover art
4th May 2018 • Single
Dawnbreaker cover art
27th March 2018 • Single
Into You (The Remixes) cover art
Into You (The Remixes)
23rd March 2018 • Album (5 tracks)
Into You cover art
Into You
8th December 2017 • Single
Get Busy (feat. TITUS) cover art
Get Busy
1st December 2017 • Album (2 tracks)
Witchcraft cover art
24th November 2017 • Single
Forever cover art
20th October 2017 • Single
HNDZ Up cover art
22nd September 2017 • Single
Jank'n'Gank cover art
26th May 2017 • Single
Ya Amar cover art
Ya Amar
16th December 2016 • Single
Ninjas cover art
4th November 2016 • Single
Together cover art
20th October 2016 • Single
Machine Gun cover art
Machine Gun
30th September 2016 • Single