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Mike Perry
dance pop, edm & electro house
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Anyone cover art
24th June 2022 • Single
I Can't Love cover art
I Can't Love
20th May 2022 • Single
Body On Me cover art
Body On Me
15th April 2022 • Single
I Like It cover art
I Like It
25th February 2022 • Single
Lighters cover art
28th January 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
Looking At U cover art
Looking At U
26th November 2021 • Single
Time Will Tell cover art
Time Will Tell
15th October 2021 • Single
Save Me Now cover art
Save Me Now
3rd September 2021 • Single
Hero cover art
18th June 2021 • Single
Fell In Love With An Alien cover art
Fell In Love With An Alien
4th June 2021 • Single
If I Ruled The World cover art
If I Ruled The World
2nd April 2021 • Single
Anybody cover art
26th February 2021 • Single
We Are Here Now cover art
We Are Here Now
29th January 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Take It Slowly cover art
Take It Slowly
18th December 2020 • Single
By Your Side cover art
By Your Side
25th September 2020 • Single
Crazy cover art
17th July 2020 • Single
Down The Line cover art
Down The Line
19th June 2020 • Single
Midnight Sun cover art
Midnight Sun
22nd May 2020 • Single
Coming Home cover art
Coming Home
8th May 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Maze cover art
17th April 2020 • Single
Paradise cover art
13th March 2020 • Single
Told You So cover art
Told You So
31st January 2020 • Single
Dive cover art
20th December 2019 • Single
Until I Die cover art
Until I Die
6th December 2019 • Single
Better Than This cover art
Better Than This
1st November 2019 • Single
One Life cover art
One Life
27th September 2019 • Single
All Star cover art
All Star
23rd August 2019 • Single
Bloodshot cover art
28th June 2019 • Single
Moves cover art
17th May 2019 • Single
Changes cover art
12th April 2019 • Single
Closer cover art
22nd March 2019 • Single
Way Too High cover art
Way Too High
25th February 2019 • Single
Runaway cover art
18th January 2019 • Single
Lighthouse cover art
23rd November 2018 • Single
Rise & Fall cover art
Rise & Fall
12th October 2018 • Single
Don't Hide cover art
Don't Hide
29th June 2018 • Single
California cover art
27th April 2018 • Single
Rocksteady cover art
23rd February 2018 • Single
Stay Young cover art
Stay Young
1st September 2017 • Single
Hands cover art
19th May 2017 • Single
Body to Body cover art
Body to Body
21st April 2017 • Single
Talk About It cover art
Talk About It
3rd March 2017 • Single
Touching You Again cover art
Touching You Again
25th November 2016 • Single
Inside the Lines (feat. Casso) cover art
Inside the Lines
21st October 2016 • Single
The Ocean (feat. Shy Martin) cover art
The Ocean
15th April 2016 • Single