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Back to Me cover art
Back to Me
10th January 2023 • Single
Everyday, Everyday (Live Edit) cover art
Everyday, Everyday (Live Edit)
6th January 2023 • Album (2 tracks)
Remedy (Stripped) cover art
Remedy (Stripped)
13th December 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
Endless (Best of Me) cover art
Endless (Best of Me)
4th November 2022 • Single
Remedy cover art
21st October 2022 • Single
Kids (Blonde Maze Remix) cover art
Kids (Blonde Maze Remix)
7th October 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
Naked cover art
15th April 2022 • Single
Heart of Stone (feat. Nevve) cover art
Heart of Stone
18th February 2022 • Single
Spacetime (feat. NEVVE) cover art
15th December 2021 • Single
Crossfire cover art
16th November 2021 • Single
Falling For You cover art
Falling For You
22nd October 2021 • Single
Kids cover art
8th October 2021 • Single
Glow In The Dark cover art
Glow In The Dark
20th August 2021 • Single
Gravity cover art
28th May 2021 • Single
Head In The Clouds (feat. Nevve) cover art
Head In The Clouds
14th May 2021 • Single
Now Or Never (with Thomas Gold) cover art
Now Or Never
23rd April 2021 • Single
Wild Ones cover art
Wild Ones
16th April 2021 • Single
Whole Life cover art
Whole Life
26th February 2021 • Single
Count The Hours (Remixes) cover art
Count The Hours (Remixes)
18th September 2020 • Album (4 tracks)
Enough cover art
14th August 2020 • Single
Casual cover art
7th August 2020 • Single
Distraction cover art
7th May 2020 • Single
Guilty (The Remixes) cover art
Guilty (The Remixes)
17th April 2020 • Album (5 tracks)
Gunning For You (feat. Nevve) cover art
Gunning For You
3rd April 2020 • Single
Only Knew cover art
Only Knew
26th March 2020 • Single
Fragile Violence cover art
Fragile Violence
11th March 2020 • Single
Smile Without U (feat. Nevve) cover art
Smile Without U
24th January 2020 • Single
Here With Me (feat. Nevve) cover art
Here With Me
17th January 2020 • Single
Guilty cover art
6th December 2019 • Single
Do Bad Well (feat. Nevve) cover art
Do Bad Well
11th October 2019 • Single
Don't Forget (Blaikz Remix) cover art
Don't Forget (Blaikz Remix)
11th October 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
Don't Forget cover art
Don't Forget
20th September 2019 • Single
Buzzing (with Nevve) cover art
6th September 2019 • Single
Open Spaces cover art
Open Spaces
16th August 2019 • Single
Count The Hours cover art
Count The Hours
26th July 2019 • Single
You’re The One cover art
You’re The One
18th June 2019 • Single
Lion's Cage cover art
Lion's Cage
24th May 2019 • Single
Take Me Home cover art
Take Me Home
15th April 2019 • Single
Freefall (Club mix) cover art
Freefall (Club mix)
29th March 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
Freefall (Edit) cover art
Freefall (Edit)
22nd March 2019 • Single
Freefall cover art
22nd March 2019 • Album (10 tracks)
Another Day cover art
Another Day
8th March 2019 • Single
Swerve cover art
25th January 2019 • Single
Drought (feat. Nevve) cover art
7th December 2018 • Single
Symphony cover art
7th December 2018 • Single
Only Love cover art
Only Love
30th November 2018 • Single
Collide cover art
9th November 2018 • Single
Symphony cover art
26th October 2018 • Single
Skeleton (feat. Nevve) cover art
19th October 2018 • Single
Losing Our Minds cover art
Losing Our Minds
12th October 2018 • Single