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Beat Like Drum cover art
Beat Like Drum
22nd July 2022 • Single
Smokin (Remix) cover art
Smokin (Remix)
3rd June 2022 • Single
Shot Inna Chest Plate cover art
Shot Inna Chest Plate
3rd June 2022 • Single
War Start cover art
War Start
17th May 2022 • Single
Rich Look-Radio Edit cover art
Rich Look-Radio Edit
13th May 2022 • Single
Dem Ago Dead cover art
Dem Ago Dead
13th May 2022 • Single
Rich Look cover art
Rich Look
2nd May 2022 • Single
EM 16 cover art
EM 16
12th April 2022 • Single
Neva Figet (2022 Remastered Version) cover art
Neva Figet (2022 Remastered Version)
2nd March 2022 • Single
Devastated cover art
23rd February 2022 • Single
Di Vibes cover art
Di Vibes
18th December 2021 • Single
Plead My Cause cover art
Plead My Cause
12th November 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Nuh Normal cover art
Nuh Normal
29th October 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
WHICH NIGGA cover art
8th October 2021 • Single
Shame Dem cover art
Shame Dem
27th August 2021 • Single
Day One cover art
Day One
1st August 2021 • Single
Legacy cover art
9th July 2021 • Single
Buff cover art
2nd July 2021 • Single
If Dem Ask cover art
If Dem Ask
26th June 2021 • Single
Move On cover art
Move On
18th June 2021 • Single
Full Moon cover art
Full Moon
1st May 2021 • Single
Haunted cover art
9th March 2021 • Single
Persistence cover art
7th March 2021 • Single
Nah Stop Try cover art
Nah Stop Try
5th March 2021 • Single
SAVAGE cover art
11th December 2020 • Single
Feel Nice cover art
Feel Nice
16th November 2020 • Single
Money MI a Pree cover art
Money MI a Pree
16th October 2020 • Single
Richer Than Rich cover art
Richer Than Rich
16th October 2020 • Single
Brawlin Murda cover art
Brawlin Murda
2nd October 2020 • Single
That Is It Dadda cover art
That Is It Dadda
20th September 2020 • Single
Dream cover art
11th September 2020 • Single
Best Friend cover art
Best Friend
21st August 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Buckle Up cover art
Buckle Up
7th August 2020 • Single
AMG cover art
31st July 2020 • Single
Killy Killy cover art
Killy Killy
12th June 2020 • Single
Great cover art
29th May 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Better Life cover art
Better Life
18th May 2020 • Single
Protection cover art
24th April 2020 • Single
Cyan Stop Di Ting cover art
Cyan Stop Di Ting
24th April 2020 • Single
No Vacancy cover art
No Vacancy
3rd April 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Innocent Youth cover art
Innocent Youth
14th February 2020 • Single
People cover art
31st January 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Pain cover art
20th January 2020 • Single
Make A Way cover art
Make A Way
3rd January 2020 • Single
Billion Pree (K.I.n.G.) cover art
Billion Pree (K.I.n.G.)
19th December 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
Give Thanks cover art
Give Thanks
25th October 2019 • Single
Wealthy - Single cover art
Wealthy - Single
11th October 2019 • Single
Tint - Single cover art
Tint - Single
16th September 2019 • Single
Top Shelf - Single cover art
Top Shelf - Single
5th July 2019 • Single
Everybody Feel Good cover art
Everybody Feel Good
24th May 2019 • Single