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alternative r&b, chicago rap
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hue_man nature cover art
hue_man nature
1st June 2023 • Single
Back In Office cover art
Back In Office
12th April 2023 • Single
WYD cover art
15th February 2023 • Single
Could It Be cover art
Could It Be
25th August 2022 • Single
Few Good Things cover art
Few Good Things
4th February 2022 • Album (14 tracks)
Survivor's Guilt (feat. G Herbo) cover art
Survivor's Guilt
27th January 2022 • Single
Come My Way (feat. Krayzie Bone) cover art
Come My Way
13th January 2022 • Single
Stop That cover art
Stop That
18th November 2021 • Single
Fearmonger (feat. Daoud) cover art
4th November 2021 • Single
Strange Love - Single Edit cover art
Strange Love - Single Edit
1st June 2021 • Single
Ziplock / Rich Don't Stop cover art
Ziplock / Rich Don't Stop
18th March 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Plead The .45th cover art
Plead The .45th
12th February 2021 • Single
So and So / Areyoudown? Pt. 2 cover art
So and So / Areyoudown? Pt. 2
24th November 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Mrs. Whoever / Something in the Water cover art
Mrs. Whoever / Something in the Water
17th September 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
What a Life cover art
What a Life
18th November 2019 • Single
Where It's At cover art
Where It's At
14th December 2018 • Single
Papaya cover art
7th December 2018 • Single
Excited cover art
30th November 2018 • Single
Beautiful Smile cover art
Beautiful Smile
16th November 2018 • Single
Stay Right Here cover art
Stay Right Here
9th November 2018 • Single
CARE FOR ME cover art
5th April 2018 • Album (10 tracks)
LIFE cover art
21st March 2018 • Single
Busy cover art
27th February 2018 • Single
Pay the Man (Remix) cover art
Pay the Man (Remix)
13th December 2017 • Single
How You Live (feat. MfnMelo) cover art
How You Live
2nd November 2017 • Single
Where Ideas Sing (feat. Daoud) cover art
Where Ideas Sing
29th September 2017 • Single
There You Go cover art
There You Go
16th August 2017 • Single
Bourbon (feat. Saba & Lophiile) cover art
16th June 2017 • Single
Westside Bound 3 (Letmode Remix) cover art
Westside Bound 3 (Letmode Remix)
21st February 2017 • Single
Monday to Monday cover art
Monday to Monday
20th January 2017 • Single
Bucket List Project cover art
Bucket List Project
27th October 2016 • Album (13 tracks)
Church / Liquor Store cover art
Church / Liquor Store
20th October 2016 • Single
Symmetry - Single cover art
Symmetry - Single
29th July 2016 • Single
World in My Hands (feat. Smino & Legit) cover art
World in My Hands
9th May 2016 • Single
Soap Box cover art
Soap Box
19th February 2016 • Single