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Sam Tinnesz
alt z, modern rock & rebel blues
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Sometimes People Suck cover art
Sometimes People Suck
24th June 2022 • Single
Bittersweet (Feat. Dashboard Confessional) cover art
27th May 2022 • Single
Antisocial cover art
22nd April 2022 • Single
Made You Cool cover art
Made You Cool
25th March 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
I'm Coming For It cover art
I'm Coming For It
28th January 2022 • Single
The Influence cover art
The Influence
17th December 2021 • Album (5 tracks)
Smells Like Teen Spirit cover art
Smells Like Teen Spirit
10th December 2021 • Single
When We Love cover art
When We Love
3rd December 2021 • Single
Head Like a Hole cover art
Head Like a Hole
26th November 2021 • Single
Hey Man, Nice Shot cover art
Hey Man, Nice Shot
12th November 2021 • Single
HELL TO HAVE YOU cover art
6th August 2021 • Single
Changes cover art
2nd July 2021 • Single
Dynamite cover art
14th May 2021 • Single
World Gone Wild cover art
World Gone Wild
30th April 2021 • Single
Wild Blood cover art
Wild Blood
23rd April 2021 • Single
Walk - Acoustic cover art
Walk - Acoustic
9th April 2021 • Single
FREEDOM cover art
31st March 2021 • Single
Never Leave Your Side cover art
Never Leave Your Side
19th March 2021 • Single
I Don't Miss You cover art
I Don't Miss You
5th March 2021 • Single
Perfect Love Remixes cover art
Perfect Love Remixes
12th February 2021 • Album (3 tracks)
Perfect Love cover art
Perfect Love
5th February 2021 • Single
Victorious cover art
29th January 2021 • Single
Never Stay Down cover art
Never Stay Down
22nd January 2021 • Single
White Doves + Warplanes (Deluxe) cover art
White Doves + Warplanes (Deluxe)
16th October 2020 • Album (19 tracks)
Walk cover art
2nd October 2020 • Single
White Doves cover art
White Doves
7th August 2020 • Album (7 tracks)
Overcome cover art
8th July 2020 • Single
Warplanes cover art
15th May 2020 • Album (8 tracks)
Better Together cover art
Better Together
8th May 2020 • Single
Bloodshot cover art
17th April 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Play with Fire (feat. Yacht Money) [Extended Mix] cover art
Play with Fire [Extended Mix]
13th March 2020 • Single
Wolves cover art
3rd January 2020 • Single
Leading the Pack cover art
Leading the Pack
22nd November 2019 • Single
Soldiers cover art
20th September 2019 • Single
Take A Picture cover art
Take A Picture
30th August 2019 • Single
We're Gonna Make It cover art
We're Gonna Make It
12th August 2019 • Single
Bullet With Butterfly Wings cover art
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
12th July 2019 • Single
Lay Your Weapons Down cover art
Lay Your Weapons Down
5th July 2019 • Single
Fighter cover art
21st February 2019 • Single
Babel: The Ruins cover art
Babel: The Ruins
30th November 2018 • Album (7 tracks)
Savage cover art
15th June 2018 • Single
Far From Home (The Raven) cover art
Far From Home (The Raven)
2nd May 2018 • Single
Even If It Hurts (Acoustic) cover art
Even If It Hurts (Acoustic)
27th April 2018 • Single
Watch Your Back cover art
Watch Your Back
16th February 2018 • Single
Bloody City cover art
Bloody City
20th December 2017 • Single
Babel cover art
25th August 2017 • Album (7 tracks)
Even If It Hurts cover art
Even If It Hurts
11th August 2017 • Single
Legends Are Made cover art
Legends Are Made
21st July 2017 • Single
Play with Fire (feat. Yacht Money) cover art
Play with Fire
7th July 2017 • Single
Babel (feat. Super Duper) cover art
23rd June 2017 • Single