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Traumhaft cover art
14th June 2024 • Single
Schizophren in Paris cover art
Schizophren in Paris
31st May 2024 • Album (12 tracks)
Schillah & Nico cover art
Schillah & Nico
17th May 2024 • Single
Du Liebst Einen G cover art
Du Liebst Einen G
3rd May 2024 • Single
Fucked Up cover art
Fucked Up
29th December 2023 • Album (2 tracks)
SUPER DRAUF cover art
22nd December 2023 • Single
Hard Knock Life cover art
Hard Knock Life
8th December 2023 • Single
Tired cover art
24th November 2023 • Single
Fliege hoch cover art
Fliege hoch
10th November 2023 • Single
Gangshit cover art
27th October 2023 • Single
Pretty Motherfuckah cover art
Pretty Motherfuckah
13th October 2023 • Single
Heute bist du weg cover art
Heute bist du weg
15th September 2023 • Single
Happy Again cover art
Happy Again
8th September 2023 • Single
Will mit keinem von euch Freund sein cover art
Will mit keinem von euch Freund sein
1st September 2023 • Single
Smash cover art
14th July 2023 • Single
If I Could cover art
If I Could
16th June 2023 • Single
Babe cover art
2nd June 2023 • Single
Das Taxi cover art
Das Taxi
7th April 2023 • Single
Schwarze Schafe cover art
Schwarze Schafe
24th March 2023 • Single
F**K THE WORLD cover art
10th March 2023 • Album (8 tracks)
Schlaflose Nächte cover art
Schlaflose Nächte
24th February 2023 • Single
Fick dein Berghain cover art
Fick dein Berghain
10th February 2023 • Single
3. Tagebucheintrag cover art
3. Tagebucheintrag
13th January 2023 • Single
PU$$YTIV€ cover art
30th December 2022 • Album (9 tracks)
Girl from the Eastside cover art
Girl from the Eastside
9th December 2022 • Single
Midnight Drive cover art
Midnight Drive
25th November 2022 • Album (3 tracks)
COWBOY$$$ (Calypso Hardtekk Remix) cover art
COWBOY$$$ (Calypso Hardtekk Remix)
18th November 2022 • Single
Drive cover art
11th November 2022 • Single
€OWBOY$$$ cover art
28th October 2022 • Single
Harmonie (Radio Edit) cover art
Harmonie (Radio Edit)
14th October 2022 • Single
Stiefschwester cover art
2nd October 2022 • Single
Megan cover art
30th September 2022 • Single
Made to Last (Radio Edit) cover art
Made to Last (Radio Edit)
16th September 2022 • Single
Eis cover art
26th August 2022 • Single
Straßen voll mit leeren Menschen cover art
Straßen voll mit leeren Menschen
8th July 2022 • Single
1. Tagebucheintrag cover art
1. Tagebucheintrag
1st July 2022 • Single
Drugtalk cover art
27th May 2022 • Single
Iconic cover art
29th April 2022 • Single
Verlorenes Herz cover art
Verlorenes Herz
8th April 2022 • Single
Keine Geschichte cover art
Keine Geschichte
18th March 2022 • Single
Tik Tak cover art
Tik Tak
4th March 2022 • Single
HiGHTEKK cover art
18th February 2022 • Single
Hitparade cover art
28th January 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
Unser Osten cover art
Unser Osten
14th January 2022 • Single
Togetikkk EP cover art
Togetikkk EP
31st December 2021 • Album (6 tracks)
Togetikkk cover art
17th December 2021 • Single
Kunst cover art
3rd December 2021 • Single
Todes Tape cover art
Todes Tape
9th April 2021 • Album (10 tracks)
Mukke aus`m Garten cover art
Mukke aus`m Garten
20th January 2020 • Album (10 tracks)
Wochenende cover art
18th August 2019 • Album (11 tracks)