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bc underground hip hop, canadian hip hop & canadian old school hip hop
150,255 followers // 45% popularity
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Roses cover art
14th February 2024 • Album (14 tracks)
Try cover art
2nd February 2024 • Single
Nobody's Happy All the Time cover art
Nobody's Happy All the Time
4th November 2022 • Album (10 tracks)
Self Sabotage cover art
Self Sabotage
7th October 2022 • Single
Double Down cover art
Double Down
23rd September 2022 • Single
Remember Me For Me cover art
Remember Me For Me
19th August 2022 • Single
SonRelax: chill vibes cover art
SonRelax: chill vibes
1st November 2021 • Album (9 tracks)
hammer time: SonReal bars cover art
hammer time: SonReal bars
25th October 2021 • Album (7 tracks)
sweat with SonReal: work out songs cover art
sweat with SonReal: work out songs
18th October 2021 • Album (6 tracks)
The Sun cover art
The Sun
27th August 2021 • Album (12 tracks)
i can't make this up cover art
i can't make this up
20th August 2021 • Album (7 tracks)
bananas cover art
23rd July 2021 • Single
Come Thru cover art
Come Thru
25th June 2021 • Single
Ride cover art
28th May 2021 • Single
bank on me cover art
bank on me
26th March 2021 • Single
So Happy / Send It cover art
So Happy / Send It
13th November 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
The Aaron LP (Deluxe Edition) cover art
The Aaron LP (Deluxe Edition)
31st January 2020 • Album (16 tracks)
December cover art
20th November 2019 • Single
The Aaron LP cover art
The Aaron LP
10th May 2019 • Album (10 tracks)
Healing (ft. Jessie Reyez) cover art
6th May 2019 • Single
1000 Highways cover art
1000 Highways
26th March 2019 • Single
Parachute cover art
1st February 2019 • Single
No More cover art
No More
12th November 2018 • Single
Last Year cover art
Last Year
5th October 2018 • Single
Have A Nice Day cover art
Have A Nice Day
25th July 2018 • Single
Season 2 cover art
Season 2
17th November 2017 • Album (11 tracks)
My Friend cover art
My Friend
2nd November 2017 • Single
So Far cover art
So Far
6th April 2017 • Single
One Long Dream cover art
One Long Dream
11th August 2016 • Album (12 tracks)
Soho cover art
24th June 2016 • Single
Can I Get A Witness cover art
Can I Get A Witness
8th April 2016 • Single
For The Town cover art
For The Town
15th April 2015 • Album (6 tracks)
Carpe Diem cover art
Carpe Diem
3rd February 2015 • Album (14 tracks)
Ain't Nothin' (feat. Fearce Vill & SonReal) cover art
Ain't Nothin'
26th September 2014 • Single
Amani cover art
23rd September 2014 • Album (4 tracks)
Just Listen cover art
Just Listen
17th February 2014 • Album (21 tracks)
Pieces To The Puzzle cover art
Pieces To The Puzzle
17th February 2014 • Album (18 tracks)
One Long Day cover art
One Long Day
21st January 2014 • Album (11 tracks)
Believe cover art
3rd December 2013 • Single
Hold On Me (feat. Son Real) cover art
Hold On Me
9th September 2013 • Single
Everywhere We Go Single cover art
Everywhere We Go Single
13th August 2013 • Single
Vancity Touch cover art
Vancity Touch
12th February 2013 • Single
The Closers cover art
The Closers
16th October 2012 • Album (11 tracks)
Road to Center Stage, Pt. 2 cover art
Road to Center Stage, Pt. 2
24th April 2012 • Album (10 tracks)
Heavy in the Game cover art
Heavy in the Game
23rd April 2012 • Album (16 tracks)
Short Days Long Nights cover art
Short Days Long Nights
1st April 2012 • Album (18 tracks)
Keyz of Life cover art
Keyz of Life
15th December 2011 • Album (14 tracks)
What I Stand For cover art
What I Stand For
17th November 2011 • Album (15 tracks)
Ammmo cover art
12th April 2011 • Album (15 tracks)
Just Listen cover art
Just Listen
31st May 2010 • Album (21 tracks)