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Raindrops (feat. Jessica Chertock) cover art
27th May 2022 • Single
Things That You Said cover art
Things That You Said
15th April 2022 • Single
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime (feat. Sushy) cover art
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
25th March 2022 • Single
Look What You Have Done cover art
Look What You Have Done
10th December 2021 • Single
I Like cover art
I Like
9th July 2021 • Single
Feels Like Home cover art
Feels Like Home
21st May 2021 • Single
Tick-Tock (Stefy De Cicco Remix) cover art
Tick-Tock (Stefy De Cicco Remix)
7th May 2021 • Single
Fences cover art
19th February 2021 • Single
4 to the Floor (feat. Nikol Apatini) cover art
4 to the Floor
8th January 2021 • Single
Life Is One cover art
Life Is One
11th December 2020 • Single
Down cover art
20th November 2020 • Single
Kids (feat. MKLA) cover art
14th August 2020 • Single
Blue (Da Ba Dee) cover art
Blue (Da Ba Dee)
17th July 2020 • Single
Te Boté cover art
Te Boté
12th June 2020 • Single
Coming Home cover art
Coming Home
31st January 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Day 'N' Nite (Martin Jensen Edit) cover art
Day 'N' Nite (Martin Jensen Edit)
17th January 2020 • Single
Sexy Girl (feat. Ben Hamilton) cover art
Sexy Girl
15th November 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
Faded cover art
20th September 2019 • Single
La passion cover art
La passion
28th June 2019 • Single
Over the Rainbow cover art
Over the Rainbow
13th July 2018 • Single
Fiesta (The Remixes) cover art
Fiesta (The Remixes)
29th June 2018 • Album (2 tracks)
Fiesta cover art
20th April 2018 • Single
Energy cover art
2nd September 2015 • Album (3 tracks)
Soprano cover art
6th August 2014 • Album (2 tracks)
Sugar cover art
7th June 2014 • Album (4 tracks)
Incredible / The Prodigy cover art
Incredible / The Prodigy
10th May 2013 • Album (7 tracks)
Prodigy cover art
19th April 2013 • Album (10 tracks)
Prodigy cover art
19th April 2013 • Album (10 tracks)
I'm from New York cover art
I'm from New York
3rd April 2013 • Album (4 tracks)
Boing cover art
4th February 2013 • Single
Outer Space cover art
Outer Space
12th October 2012 • Album (7 tracks)
Deep Down Inside of You cover art
Deep Down Inside of You
24th February 2012 • Album (4 tracks)
Please Don't Stop (feat. Andrew I) cover art
Please Don't Stop
22nd June 2011 • Album (5 tracks)
Move Your Body cover art
Move Your Body
20th April 2010 • Album (6 tracks)
I Don't Wanna Know cover art
I Don't Wanna Know
7th April 2009 • Album (5 tracks)