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Two Year Vacation

gothenburg indie, swedish indie pop
4,654 followers // 26% popularity
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Expedition Nowhere cover art
Expedition Nowhere
14th April 2023 • Album (10 tracks)
High Hopes, Low Expectations cover art
High Hopes, Low Expectations
3rd March 2023 • Single
Umami cover art
27th January 2023 • Single
Lemons (Live at Clouds Hill) cover art
Lemons (Live at Clouds Hill)
6th January 2023 • Single
Federal Express cover art
Federal Express
21st October 2022 • Single
Dopamine cover art
16th September 2022 • Single
ARMA-GET-IT-ON cover art
12th August 2022 • Single
High Hopes / Low Expectations cover art
High Hopes / Low Expectations
20th May 2022 • Album (4 tracks)
Highlight Of My Night cover art
Highlight Of My Night
22nd April 2022 • Single
Lemons cover art
25th March 2022 • Single
Chasing The Morning cover art
Chasing The Morning
25th February 2022 • Single
Getting Into Real Estate cover art
Getting Into Real Estate
22nd October 2021 • Album (4 tracks)
Majored In Broken Hearts cover art
Majored In Broken Hearts
3rd September 2021 • Single
Come Over When You Want cover art
Come Over When You Want
16th July 2021 • Single
What Goes Around cover art
What Goes Around
4th June 2021 • Single
Laundry Day cover art
Laundry Day
30th October 2020 • Album (11 tracks)
Moving On From Yesterday cover art
Moving On From Yesterday
23rd October 2020 • Single
Django cover art
11th September 2020 • Single
Getaway cover art
31st July 2020 • Single
Bedroom Rock cover art
Bedroom Rock
12th June 2020 • Album (4 tracks)
Never Been To Paris cover art
Never Been To Paris
8th May 2020 • Single
Don't Know Anybody Else cover art
Don't Know Anybody Else
20th March 2020 • Single
Slacker Island cover art
Slacker Island
29th March 2019 • Album (11 tracks)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You cover art
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
22nd March 2019 • Single
I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You) cover art
I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)
8th February 2019 • Single
Don't Wanna Go Home cover art
Don't Wanna Go Home
23rd November 2018 • Single
Better Off Alone cover art
Better Off Alone
14th September 2018 • Single
Dresscode: Safari cover art
Dresscode: Safari
1st January 2016 • Album (5 tracks)
Science Fiction cover art
Science Fiction
1st January 2016 • Album (3 tracks)
Straight Home to You cover art
Straight Home to You
8th June 2015 • Single
Canned Heat cover art
Canned Heat
24th June 2014 • Single