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afroswing, grime & london rap
307,339 followers // 44% popularity
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Starsign cover art
21st September 2023 • Single
Dubai To Ibiza cover art
Dubai To Ibiza
15th June 2023 • Single
The Playlist cover art
The Playlist
19th May 2023 • Album (27 tracks)
Buss It (feat. WSTRN & Yungen) cover art
Buss It
18th May 2023 • Single
Change cover art
12th August 2022 • Single
Passionate & Paranoid cover art
Passionate & Paranoid
11th February 2022 • Album (12 tracks)
Batmobile cover art
3rd February 2022 • Album (3 tracks)
Popstar cover art
27th January 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
P&P Freestyle cover art
P&P Freestyle
24th January 2022 • Single
Daily Duppy (Goat Talk) (feat. GRM Daily) cover art
Daily Duppy (Goat Talk)
13th January 2022 • Single
EGO KILLS cover art
23rd July 2021 • Album (13 tracks)
Mané & Salah cover art
Mané & Salah
3rd July 2020 • Single
Handsome (feat. M24) cover art
10th April 2020 • Single
Stay Dreamin (Remix) cover art
Stay Dreamin (Remix)
20th August 2019 • Album (2 tracks)
New Music 2019 Chart cover art
New Music 2019 Chart
12th July 2019 • Album (45 tracks)
My Bad cover art
My Bad
31st May 2019 • Album (15 tracks)
Miss Diva (feat. Yungen) cover art
Miss Diva
30th May 2019 • Single
Project Purple cover art
Project Purple
25th January 2019 • Album (9 tracks)
Comfortable (feat. Dappy) cover art
24th January 2019 • Single
One Shot (Remix) cover art
One Shot (Remix)
18th October 2018 • Single
Intimate (feat. Craig David) cover art
31st August 2018 • Single
Pricey (feat. One Acen) cover art
16th August 2018 • Single
Escape cover art
10th August 2018 • Album (12 tracks)
One Last Song cover art
One Last Song
3rd August 2018 • Single
Feelings (Wifey) [feat. Yungen] cover art
Feelings (Wifey)
5th July 2018 • Single
Lyca (Remixes) cover art
Lyca (Remixes)
15th June 2018 • Album (3 tracks)
Mind On It (feat. Jess Glynne) cover art
Mind On It
16th March 2018 • Single
Brixton cover art
2nd March 2018 • Album (19 tracks)
I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels) [Yungen Remix] cover art
I Miss You [Yungen Remix]
5th January 2018 • Single
Bad (feat. Yungen, MoStack, Mr Eazi & Not3s) cover art
24th November 2017 • Single
All Night (feat. Mr Eazi) cover art
All Night
27th October 2017 • Single
Chosen cover art
13th October 2017 • Single
Bestie (feat. Yxng Bane) [T. Matthias Remix] cover art
Bestie [T. Matthias Remix]
22nd September 2017 • Single
Bestie (feat. Yxng Bane) cover art
16th June 2017 • Single
Fools Gold cover art
Fools Gold
6th May 2017 • Single
Do It Right (feat. Haile) cover art
Do It Right
10th March 2017 • Single
Cuffing Season cover art
Cuffing Season
24th November 2016 • Single
Glenville Grove cover art
Glenville Grove
11th November 2016 • Album (4 tracks)
Away Games cover art
Away Games
2nd September 2016 • Single
Take My Number (feat. Àngel) cover art
Take My Number
10th May 2016 • Single
Off the Record 2 cover art
Off the Record 2
15th April 2016 • Single
Comfy cover art
5th February 2016 • Single
You Don't Know Me Like That cover art
You Don't Know Me Like That
5th February 2016 • Single
Young Fire, Old Flame cover art
Young Fire, Old Flame
12th December 2015 • Album (12 tracks)
AR15 - Concrete Jungle cover art
AR15 - Concrete Jungle
28th August 2015 • Album (15 tracks)
Runnin Low (Remix) cover art
Runnin Low (Remix)
20th October 2014 • Single
Project Black & Red (Deluxe) cover art
Project Black & Red (Deluxe)
21st September 2014 • Album (13 tracks)
Money, Doe, Paper cover art
Money, Doe, Paper
22nd September 2013 • Album (2 tracks)
Young Kingz cover art
Young Kingz
2nd September 2013 • Album (19 tracks)
Legoman, Vol. 2 (Where's My Brick?!) cover art
Legoman, Vol. 2 (Where's My Brick?!)
15th April 2013 • Album (13 tracks)