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Fique em Casa

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A Major
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Fique em Casa is a song by Aline Venturi, Eduardo Cruz, Eliana Ribeiro, Adriana Arydes, Davidson Silva, Ana Gabriela, Suely Façanha, Ziza Fernandes, Juliana de Paula, Ana Lúcia, Alvaro & Daniel, Lucimare, Adriana Gil, Fabiano Ferreira, Elizandro Sfreddo, Andréia Sales, Maíra Jaber, Bruna Farias, Flaviane Montenegro, Simone Medeiros, Andréia Zanardi, Bruno Camurati, Betinho de Assis, Maninho, Izaias Carneiro, Walace Souza, Alessandra Salles, Delton Filho, Léo Rabello, Antônio Alves, Paulinho Sá, Rafael Cannizza released on 10th April 2020. It is released as a single.

Fique em Casa has a BPM/tempo of 100, is in the key A Major and has a duration of 04:43. Below is a table of the meta data for Fique em Casa.