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Musicstax is a website developed and operated in New Zealand since 2019 by Luke Mansell, created with the aim of being a useful tool from causal music listeners, DJs/producers, all the way up to record labels.

Since launching in 2019, we have expanded from being just a tool to see the key and tempo of songs, to allowing users to discover similar songs, to being one of the main sources for viewing historic Spotify popularity scores.

Musicstax is developed on top of the Spotify API, making use of this API to develop on top of it to create products. While we use the Spotify API, we also use it in specific ways allowing us to, according to many of our users, provide some of the most useful similar song recommendations. We also use it for more than just the music analysis of websites, with Musicstax Metrics and My Musicstax making use of many different parts of the Spotify API.

Musicstax currently relies on advertising and donations to operate. With Musicstax seeing millions of users and tracking the popularity/details of tens of millions of songs, our operating costs continue to climb as we store more and more details. This however has provided us one of the largest databases of music in the industry and we continue to look at ways we can increase Musicstax's usefulness for music fans across the world.