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Song Key Finder

Search for any song and find out the key which the song is in. You will find out whether it is also in a major or minor key, eg a song will return as "C Maj" or "C Minor". All you need to know is either: the name of a song, the artist, the album, or some of the lyrics and you can find the key the song is in.

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How does it work?

Musicstax leverages the Spotify API and internal tooling to allow you to find the key of over 100 million songs. All you need is the title, artist or album a song is on, enter it above and you will find the key of that song.

By using Musicstax's song key finder search, you are able to discover the main key which a song is in, eg: C, and also the mode eg: Major. All songs in our database have a key which they are in, and once you have found the song you are looking for, you will also see a series of songs which are similar, allowing you to find other songs which are in a similar key and BPM.

Not only does our song search return the key which a song is in, you also get the: tempo, popularity score and other analysis points such as energy, danceability and more.

Tips for searching

There are a few different ways you can search. Musicstax's song key finder search engine can take:

  • A songs name
    • Enter in the exact or near exact name of a song. Eg, searching for: "Cruel Summer". In this case, you don't need to enter in the artist Taylor Swift, and all songs which match the title Cruel Summer will be returned.
  • An artists name
    • Enter in the name of any artist and all of their songs will be returned. Eg, searching for: "Martin Garrix". In this case all of Martin Garrix's songs will be returned and you will be able to find the key of all of his songs.
  • Album
    • Enter in the title of an album and you will be able to see the songs which are in that album, and then also the key.
  • Lyrics
    • Do you know the lyrics but not the song? You can enter in some of the lyrics of a song and it will return the song in the search results, allowing you to find the key of that song by its lyrics. Eg, searching: "In case you haven't noticed. Well, everybody's tired" - will return Yes, and?.