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BPM Counter

Find the BPM of any song, or your own heart rate with our BPM counter


Press your space bar, or click the circle box below to start counting the BPM. Press ESC or "RESET" to start again. The value will fluctuate for the first few seconds, but after 3-4 seconds it should be pretty stable if you are tapping at a stable tempo.

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Find songs at certain BPMs:

What is our BPM counter useful for?

Our BPM counter isn't just for musicians or DJs. It's a versatile tool that anyone can use for a variety of purposes:

  • Musicians and Producers: Fine-tune your musical projects by manually working out the tempo of different songs.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Match your workout intensity with songs that have the right tempo. A steady beat can enhance your exercise routine, whether you're running, cycling, or lifting weights. If you are running, finding songs around the 170-180 BPM mark can be useful.
  • Health Monitoring: Quickly estimate your heart rate by tapping to the rhythm of your pulse. It's a handy way to check your heart rate before, during, or after exercise - or just to find out your heart rate in general.

How Our BPM Counter Works

Start clicking or pressing the space bar, and our tool begins calculating the beats per minute based on your inputs. We analyze your inputs in real-time, focusing on the most recent 4-second window to ensure accuracy and adaptability. As you continue, the BPM reading refines and stabilizes, giving you a precise measurement that you can rely on for your needs.