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italian reggae
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ROCK 'N ROLL (feat. Brusco) cover art
4th April 2023 • Single
Ciao cover art
2nd December 2022 • Album (3 tracks)
Nun te resisto - Brusco, Tormento, 1Drop cover art
Nun te resisto - Brusco, Tormento, 1Drop
29th July 2022 • Single
Aria cover art
23rd June 2022 • Single
D3ngue, Papa Fral ft. Brusco (Prod. The Eve) cover art
D3ngue, Papa Fral ft. Brusco (Prod. The ...
29th April 2022 • Single
Monumento cover art
18th March 2022 • Album (5 tracks)
Kilimanjaro (ft. Ensi) cover art
4th March 2022 • Single
Gap Generazionale cover art
Gap Generazionale
21st January 2022 • Single
Mappamondo cover art
11th June 2021 • Album (10 tracks)
Bam bam (feat. Clementino) cover art
Bam bam
28th May 2021 • Single
Mi accendo (feat. Gemitaiz) - prod. Frenetik&Orang3 cover art
Mi accendo - prod. Frenetik&Orang3
12th February 2021 • Single
Isola di plastica cover art
Isola di plastica
15th January 2021 • Single
Dancehall saga cover art
Dancehall saga
4th September 2020 • Single
Rub-a-Trap cover art
23rd June 2020 • Single
Samurai cover art
16th January 2020 • Single
Habanero cover art
16th December 2019 • Single
Dancehall Champion cover art
Dancehall Champion
1st August 2019 • Single
Grazie Danié cover art
Grazie Danié
26th July 2019 • Single
Artist cover art
1st July 2019 • Single
Volevo Un Ponte cover art
Volevo Un Ponte
18th June 2019 • Single
No charme cover art
No charme
14th June 2019 • Single
Accumencia lu party cover art
Accumencia lu party
31st May 2019 • Single
Fatta col pennello cover art
Fatta col pennello
24th May 2019 • Single
Spettacolare cover art
19th April 2019 • Single
Sudamericana cover art
29th March 2019 • Single
Bomba (Kingdom Riddim) cover art
Bomba (Kingdom Riddim)
20th November 2018 • Single
La pasticcera cover art
La pasticcera
10th July 2018 • Single
Ragga bebè cover art
Ragga bebè
23rd May 2018 • Single
Guacamole cover art
9th June 2017 • Album (12 tracks)
Una bella giornata come oggi cover art
Una bella giornata come oggi
12th May 2017 • Single
Tutto apposto cover art
Tutto apposto
28th May 2013 • Album (9 tracks)
Fino All'Alba cover art
Fino All'Alba
14th June 2011 • Album (11 tracks)
Take Off, Vol. 1 cover art
Take Off, Vol. 1
10th October 2010 • Album (6 tracks)
Quattroemezzo cover art
4th June 2009 • Album (22 tracks)
Amore vero cover art
Amore vero
3rd October 2023 • Album (10 tracks)
Si fa presto a dire... Brusco cover art
Si fa presto a dire... Brusco
1st September 2003 • Album (13 tracks)
Brusco cover art
15th January 2001 • Album (5 tracks)