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DeJ Loaf

detroit hip hop, r&b & trap
1,734,675 followers // 68% popularity
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Home cover art
26th January 2024 • Single
Please Don't Go cover art
Please Don't Go
3rd August 2023 • Single
Lighters Up (feat. DeJ Loaf) cover art
Lighters Up
2nd August 2023 • Single
Like Selena (Remix) [feat. Ka! True & 30FOEZ] cover art
Like Selena (Remix)
28th July 2023 • Single
Running Through My Mind (Sped Up) cover art
Running Through My Mind (Sped Up)
19th July 2023 • Single
Space Jam cover art
Space Jam
16th June 2023 • Single
100 Million cover art
100 Million
3rd May 2023 • Single
ROLL THE DICE (feat. DeJ Loaf) cover art
14th April 2023 • Single
Melodies From Heaven cover art
Melodies From Heaven
8th April 2023 • Single
Don't Give Up cover art
Don't Give Up
15th December 2022 • Single
Christmas On A Sunday cover art
Christmas On A Sunday
6th December 2022 • Single
I'm Back cover art
I'm Back
29th November 2022 • Single
PIOMF cover art
29th November 2022 • Single
Remind You cover art
Remind You
29th November 2022 • Single
Bad Girl, Bad Things cover art
Bad Girl, Bad Things
22nd November 2022 • Single
Lighthouse cover art
17th November 2022 • Single
Breaking Chains cover art
Breaking Chains
17th November 2022 • Single
Play My Part cover art
Play My Part
15th November 2022 • Single
Tell Me What It Is cover art
Tell Me What It Is
15th November 2022 • Single
ADHD cover art
8th November 2022 • Single
Kap N Gown cover art
Kap N Gown
8th November 2022 • Single
Harpo (Who Dis Woman) cover art
Harpo (Who Dis Woman)
1st November 2022 • Single
Pop Out cover art
Pop Out
24th October 2022 • Single
LIKE SELENA cover art
18th September 2022 • Single
Bygone (Remix) cover art
Bygone (Remix)
26th November 2021 • Single
Sell Sole II cover art
Sell Sole II
23rd October 2020 • Album (16 tracks)
No Ceiling (feat. Gunna) cover art
No Ceiling
21st October 2020 • Single
Star (From
1st October 2020 • Single
No Saint cover art
No Saint
29th May 2020 • Album (4 tracks)
It's A Set Up! cover art
It's A Set Up!
22nd May 2020 • Album (4 tracks)
Bubbly cover art
7th February 2020 • Single
'Go DeJ Go' Vol.1 cover art
'Go DeJ Go' Vol.1
28th December 2018 • Album (6 tracks)
LIFL cover art
31st August 2018 • Single
Liberated cover art
8th June 2018 • Single
Big Ole Boss cover art
Big Ole Boss
15th December 2017 • Single
Heartbreak on a Full Moon cover art
Heartbreak on a Full Moon
31st October 2017 • Album (45 tracks)
At The Club cover art
At The Club
29th September 2017 • Single
Changes cover art
22nd September 2017 • Single
No Fear cover art
No Fear
16th June 2017 • Single
Fuck A Friend Zone cover art
Fuck A Friend Zone
10th February 2017 • Album (12 tracks)
All I Want For Christmas cover art
All I Want For Christmas
14th December 2016 • Single
#AndSeeThatsTheThing cover art
31st July 2015 • Album (6 tracks)
Back Up (feat. Big Sean) cover art
Back Up
15th July 2015 • Single
Me U & Hennessy (feat. Lil Wayne) cover art
Me U & Hennessy
20th April 2015 • Single
We Be On It cover art
We Be On It
24th February 2015 • Single
Try Me Remix (feat. Jeezy & T.I.) cover art
Try Me Remix
28th January 2015 • Single
Hardcore cover art
14th November 2014 • Single
$ell Sole. cover art
$ell Sole.
24th October 2014 • Album (12 tracks)
We Good cover art
We Good
20th October 2014 • Single
Try Me cover art
Try Me
15th October 2014 • Single