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Nicole Millar

australian pop, gauze pop
31,454 followers // 40% popularity
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be.the.one.you.want. prod by Kilter cover art
be.the.one.you.want. prod by Kilter
8th March 2024 • Single
ridin’. prod by Kilter cover art
ridin’. prod by Kilter
8th November 2023 • Single
subtle. prod by GANZ cover art
subtle. prod by GANZ
25th August 2023 • Single
Bookclub cover art
15th August 2023 • Album (23 tracks)
never worry - deluxe cover art
never worry - deluxe
28th July 2023 • Album (13 tracks)
House Tunes cover art
House Tunes
16th May 2023 • Album (23 tracks)
never worry cover art
never worry
5th May 2023 • Album (12 tracks)
Empty (with Nicole Millar) cover art
4th May 2023 • Single
daydreamin cover art
31st March 2023 • Album (6 tracks)
hugs cover art
15th February 2023 • Single
S.O.S cover art
13th January 2023 • Single
nice cover art
16th December 2022 • Album (3 tracks)
je te veux près de moi cover art
je te veux près de moi
8th November 2022 • Single
30 Years Of Vicious cover art
30 Years Of Vicious
26th August 2022 • Album (28 tracks)
High (Mell Hall Remix) cover art
High (Mell Hall Remix)
29th July 2022 • Single
Sezon Festiwalowy cover art
Sezon Festiwalowy
27th May 2022 • Album (29 tracks)
Feeling Good Feeling Great cover art
Feeling Good Feeling Great
3rd March 2022 • Single
DICHOTOMY cover art
28th January 2022 • Album (12 tracks)
Over Being Nice cover art
Over Being Nice
23rd September 2021 • Single
Not For You (feat. Nicole Millar) cover art
Not For You
1st June 2021 • Single
Are You Kidding? cover art
Are You Kidding?
28th May 2021 • Album (7 tracks)
Are You Kidding? cover art
Are You Kidding?
12th March 2021 • Single
Walk Away cover art
Walk Away
14th January 2021 • Single
Boring! cover art
24th November 2020 • Single
Get up and Pop Remix cover art
Get up and Pop Remix
3rd July 2020 • Album (26 tracks)
4U cover art
18th June 2020 • Album (3 tracks)
I should probably go to therapy (Adrian Lux Remix) cover art
I should probably go to therapy (Adrian ...
11th June 2020 • Single
Workout At Home cover art
Workout At Home
22nd May 2020 • Album (32 tracks)
I should probably go to therapy cover art
I should probably go to therapy
23rd April 2020 • Single
International Women's Day cover art
International Women's Day
6th March 2020 • Album (26 tracks)
Singles Awareness Day cover art
Singles Awareness Day
24th January 2020 • Album (38 tracks)
Favours cover art
5th December 2019 • Single
Calming Music cover art
Calming Music
12th July 2019 • Album (24 tracks)
Agenda cover art
13th July 2018 • Single
Excuse Me (Deluxe) cover art
Excuse Me (Deluxe)
1st June 2018 • Album (15 tracks)
Best Of 2017 Pop cover art
Best Of 2017 Pop
15th December 2017 • Album (48 tracks)
REBEAT cover art
24th November 2017 • Album (5 tracks)
For The Cold EP cover art
For The Cold EP
7th July 2017 • Album (4 tracks)
Signals [Stripped] cover art
Signals [Stripped]
16th December 2016 • Single
Communication cover art
2nd December 2016 • Album (6 tracks)
Better (feat. Nicole Millar & Imad Royal) cover art
26th August 2016 • Single
Tremble (The Remixes) cover art
Tremble (The Remixes)
6th May 2016 • Album (4 tracks)
Tremble cover art
5th February 2016 • Album (4 tracks)
Poolside Croatia cover art
Poolside Croatia
22nd September 2014 • Album (33 tracks)
High (Remixes Part 2) cover art
High (Remixes Part 2)
16th June 2014 • Album (4 tracks)
Tell Me (feat. Nicole Millar) [Radio Edit] cover art
Tell Me [Radio Edit]
2nd May 2014 • Single
High (Remixes) cover art
High (Remixes)
28th April 2014 • Album (4 tracks)
Golden Features cover art
Golden Features
28th March 2014 • Album (4 tracks)
High cover art
17th March 2014 • Single
Take Me Away cover art
Take Me Away
1st June 2013 • Album (3 tracks)