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modern alternative rock, modern rock & pixie
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Maybe You Saved Me cover art
Maybe You Saved Me
1st August 2022 • Single
WICKED cover art
15th June 2022 • Single
Snakes (from the series Arcane League of Legends) cover art
20th November 2021 • Single
My Way cover art
My Way
22nd October 2021 • Single
Burn It All Down cover art
Burn It All Down
28th September 2021 • Single
Monster cover art
30th July 2021 • Single
Hellogoodbye (PVRIS Remix) cover art
Hellogoodbye (PVRIS Remix)
16th July 2021 • Album (2 tracks)
Slow Heart (PVRIS Remix) cover art
Slow Heart (PVRIS Remix)
16th July 2021 • Single
Sacrificial cover art
5th February 2021 • Single
Coming Apart (Remixes) cover art
Coming Apart (Remixes)
4th December 2020 • Album (3 tracks)
Supernova (tigers blud) [The Remixes] cover art
Supernova (tigers blud) [The Remixes]
20th November 2020 • Album (3 tracks)
WONDER (reimagined by PVRIS) cover art
WONDER (reimagined by PVRIS)
11th November 2020 • Single
Use Me (Deluxe) cover art
Use Me (Deluxe)
22nd October 2020 • Album (16 tracks)
Numb (feat. DeathbyRomy & PVRIS) cover art
8th September 2020 • Single
Use Me cover art
Use Me
28th August 2020 • Album (11 tracks)
alive (Feat. PVRIS) cover art
26th June 2020 • Single
Gimme a Minute cover art
Gimme a Minute
24th April 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Dead Weight cover art
Dead Weight
4th March 2020 • Single
Hallucinations (Acoustic) cover art
Hallucinations (Acoustic)
10th January 2020 • Album (2 tracks)
Hallucinations cover art
25th October 2019 • Album (5 tracks)
Hallucinations cover art
16th August 2019 • Single
Death of Me cover art
Death of Me
12th July 2019 • Single
Same Soul (feat. Jaymes Young) [Marian Hill Remix] cover art
Same Soul [Marian Hill Remix]
27th April 2018 • Single
Same Soul (Radio Edit) cover art
Same Soul (Radio Edit)
15th December 2017 • Single
All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell cover art
All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of He...
25th August 2017 • Album (10 tracks)
Anyone Else cover art
Anyone Else
22nd August 2017 • Single
Winter cover art
3rd August 2017 • Single
Half cover art
13th July 2017 • Single
What's Wrong cover art
What's Wrong
13th June 2017 • Single
Heaven cover art
1st May 2017 • Single
White Noise (Deluxe Version) cover art
White Noise (Deluxe Version)
22nd April 2016 • Album (13 tracks)
You and I cover art
You and I
22nd February 2016 • Single
White Noise cover art
White Noise
4th November 2014 • Album (10 tracks)
St. Patrick cover art
St. Patrick
20th June 2014 • Single
St. Patrick (Empty Room Session) cover art
St. Patrick (Empty Room Session)
20th June 2014 • Single
Acoustic cover art
1st April 2014 • Album (4 tracks)