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Urban Mystic

contemporary r&b
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Count Down cover art
Count Down
21st June 2024 • Single
Alter Ego, Vol. 1 cover art
Alter Ego, Vol. 1
10th May 2024 • Album (12 tracks)
All Nite cover art
All Nite
18th April 2024 • Single
3 Little Birds cover art
3 Little Birds
16th February 2024 • Single
The Journey cover art
The Journey
5th January 2024 • Album (6 tracks)
U-Turn cover art
22nd December 2023 • Album (11 tracks)
Crazy cover art
2nd December 2023 • Single
Feenin' cover art
14th July 2023 • Single
The B.Tillman Project cover art
The B.Tillman Project
5th March 2023 • Album (10 tracks)
Keep It Moving cover art
Keep It Moving
27th January 2023 • Single
Mylove cover art
26th August 2022 • Single
Pulling Out cover art
Pulling Out
19th August 2022 • Single
Keep On Trucking (Remix) cover art
Keep On Trucking (Remix)
27th May 2022 • Single
True Reflections cover art
True Reflections
22nd April 2022 • Single
Love Like This Again cover art
Love Like This Again
4th March 2022 • Single
Give You the Love cover art
Give You the Love
31st December 2021 • Single
Emotions cover art
4th June 2021 • Single
Trailride Certified 2 cover art
Trailride Certified 2
1st June 2021 • Album (21 tracks)
Quarantine cover art
24th November 2020 • Single
Change cover art
28th August 2020 • Single
Lockdown cover art
26th May 2020 • Single
Money Comes Money Goes cover art
Money Comes Money Goes
22nd March 2020 • Single
Aquafina Lena cover art
Aquafina Lena
20th March 2020 • Single
She Likes to Creep (The Dirty Version) cover art
She Likes to Creep (The Dirty Version)
27th December 2019 • Single
She Want It cover art
She Want It
20th September 2019 • Single
Love High (feat. Steve Casper) cover art
Love High
18th January 2019 • Single
Be Mine cover art
Be Mine
9th February 2018 • Single
Freakin' cover art
28th November 2017 • Single
Bankrupt cover art
7th July 2017 • Single
Till the Morning Rise (feat. Urban Mystic) cover art
Till the Morning Rise
27th May 2017 • Single
A New Tomorrow cover art
A New Tomorrow
26th August 2016 • Single
Soulful Classics cover art
Soulful Classics
31st July 2015 • Album (14 tracks)
Kingdom Therapy cover art
Kingdom Therapy
12th May 2015 • Album (14 tracks)
Feel Good - Single cover art
Feel Good - Single
2nd September 2014 • Single
No Matter How High (feat. Ja'rae) cover art
No Matter How High
13th May 2014 • Single
Mandela: We Thank You - Single cover art
Mandela: We Thank You - Single
7th December 2013 • Single
Love Intervention cover art
Love Intervention
16th April 2013 • Album (13 tracks)
I Promise cover art
I Promise
9th October 2012 • Single
Name On It cover art
Name On It
3rd April 2012 • Single
Money Is My Wife cover art
Money Is My Wife
21st November 2011 • Single
Chosen One cover art
Chosen One
11th January 2011 • Album (11 tracks)
In the Morning cover art
In the Morning
23rd February 2010 • Single
The Redemption cover art
The Redemption
29th September 2009 • Album (14 tracks)
Art Of The Devil cover art
Art Of The Devil
29th September 2009 • Album (12 tracks)
Best Part Of The Day cover art
Best Part Of The Day
7th April 2009 • Single
Main Squeeze cover art
Main Squeeze
28th October 2008 • Single
Can't Stop, Won't Stop cover art
Can't Stop, Won't Stop
19th February 2008 • Single
Ghetto Revelations II cover art
Ghetto Revelations II
22nd July 2024 • Album (13 tracks)
Ghetto Revelations cover art
Ghetto Revelations
22nd July 2024 • Album (14 tracks)
RnB Collection, Vol. 1 cover art
RnB Collection, Vol. 1
15th September 1999 • Album (9 tracks)