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Sway Dance With Me (ChaCha) cover art
Sway Dance With Me (ChaCha)
28th December 2022 • Album (2 tracks)
Beat The Heat (Summer Version) cover art
Beat The Heat (Summer Version)
5th April 2022 • Single
Unstoppable 2 cover art
Unstoppable 2
15th March 2022 • Album (10 tracks)
The Moonlight Sonata 2 cover art
The Moonlight Sonata 2
14th February 2022 • Album (9 tracks)
SamBaiao cover art
11th November 2021 • Album (18 tracks)
Latin Samba Remix cover art
Latin Samba Remix
10th October 2021 • Album (20 tracks)
Magalenha (Samba 52bpm) cover art
Magalenha (Samba 52bpm)
11th April 2021 • Single
The Boom Boom Chacha cover art
The Boom Boom Chacha
15th January 2021 • Single
Moonlight Sonata cover art
Moonlight Sonata
20th August 2020 • Album (5 tracks)
Tora Tora Samba (ChaCha) cover art
Tora Tora Samba (ChaCha)
11th August 2020 • Single
Got You Under My Skin cover art
Got You Under My Skin
6th June 2020 • Single
Holy Night cover art
Holy Night
5th December 2019 • Single
The Bad Guy ChaCha (31bpm) cover art
The Bad Guy ChaCha (31bpm)
8th November 2019 • Album (5 tracks)
Besame Por Favor: Chacha Classics cover art
Besame Por Favor: Chacha Classics
5th January 2019 • Album (12 tracks)
Batida Incrivel cover art
Batida Incrivel
5th October 2018 • Album (2 tracks)
Watarhythm 2 cover art
Watarhythm 2
8th August 2018 • Album (15 tracks)
Ritmi Samba Latini (Collections of Samba Rhythms) cover art
Ritmi Samba Latini (Collections of Samba...
13th July 2018 • Album (16 tracks)
OPM Dancesport Hits cover art
OPM Dancesport Hits
3rd July 2018 • Album (2 tracks)
Latin House Summer 2018 cover art
Latin House Summer 2018
5th June 2018 • Album (5 tracks)
Unstoppable: Collections of Latin Chacha Dance Rhythms cover art
Unstoppable: Collections of Latin Chacha...
3rd June 2018 • Album (8 tracks)
The Beat cover art
The Beat
20th December 2017 • Album (3 tracks)
The "Beat" Hip Hip Chin Chin (Samba)
17th December 2017 • Single
Perfect (Instrumental) cover art
Perfect (Instrumental)
15th December 2017 • Single
Toma Toma Samba cover art
Toma Toma Samba
20th November 2017 • Single
Promenade Run cover art
Promenade Run
5th November 2017 • Album (11 tracks)
Day Oh Banana Boat Song cover art
Day Oh Banana Boat Song
8th August 2017 • Single
Rebelado (Samba) cover art
Rebelado (Samba)
1st February 2017 • Single
Tabla Perkusion (Samba) cover art
Tabla Perkusion (Samba)
21st March 2023 • Single
WataRhythm cover art
15th July 2015 • Album (18 tracks)
La Percussion (Samba) cover art
La Percussion (Samba)
7th July 2015 • Single